Thijl Klerkx, the 20 year young entrepreneur from Amsterdam. He came up with his first business plans when he was only about 8 years old. His ideas ranged from starting an insurance company to car washing. After making €2 with washing cars at the age of 10, Thijl wanted to set up a larger company.

At the age of 12, together with a friend, Thijl started a webhosting company. After making a €100 profit in the first 6 months Thijl and his friend sold the company for €420. Of course Thijl was extremely happy with the good result of this first enterprise, and soon he wanted to set up new ones.

At 14 Thijl came up with an idea, completely different from everything he did before. He wanted to start a groceries delivery company for organic groceries. That certainly was not his easiest or most realistic business idea but he decided to give it a try.

Thijl faced some difficult issues. As a 14 year old you cannot drive a car or even a scooter, so Thijl decided to use a cargo bike to transport his goods. Furthermore, a good supplier was hard to find. His goal was to sell a wide range of products so customers could buy everything they need at his website. From toilet paper and detergent up to paprika and orange juice, Thijl wanted to sell it all!

Soon Thijl discovered it was very hard to find a good supplier and he would need a lot of money to start up his company. He decided to put his idea on hold.
Thijl came up with another idea and decided to approach Dutch serial entrepreneur; ‘Annemarie van Gaal,’ who is known for participating as a “Dragon” on the Dutch version of the BBC series Dragons’ Den.

Thijl approached her with a completely different idea but after a few sessions with Annemarie, Thijl realizes that he still likes the idea of organic groceries delivery better. With hard work and determination, Thijl found the perfect supplier to start up his business. With a good plan and the right supplier, Thijl managed to convince Annemarie to invest in his business. He soon officially started his business, naming it after himself: Thijl.

Thijl, now aged 20, now has his first four employees with great ambitions to expand his business in the upcoming months.

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Never Too Young to Run a Business