NewTeam boasts all the expertise you need for designing online and mobile applications — from draft, design and copywriting to programming, databases and security. No, we do not create or design apps ourselves. What we are is the trusted advisor of many successful organisations.

Building apps ourselves is something we’ve done for years, and we’ve become so skilled at it that instead of just creating apps for a small group of clients, we’ve decided to help a larger customer base by providing consultancy on conceiving, designing (technically and graphically), building, launching and promoting apps. We serve as an independent consultant and supervisor, ensuring better apps, lower expenses and faster development.


Companies often get their app building consultancy from the same people who are building the app for them, who will often have more technical know-how. But that leads to a situation where the builder gets to judge their own handiwork despite their obvious conflicting interests. NewTeam acts as an independent consultant.

Innovative concept creation and consultancy

Many apps are made by copying the competition, and trying to make the copy slightly better. That’s not innovation, that’s just being a copycat. NewTeam is specialised in creating truly innovative apps for companies that want to be ahead of their time, companies that are willing to be market leaders.

We do so independently, but if possible we will work together with the management and the staff of our client, as well as with the future users of the app. We accomplish this by organising brainstorms, co-creation sessions and hackathons, by elaborating our ideas into a proof-of-concept or a minimum viable product, or just by joining the table at our client’s board meetings. We offer ideas and help with creating the draft. Sometimes other consultancy firms hire us for this when the stakes are very high.


When the ideas are there, we aren’t done yet. Before the development can get started, a good draft has to be created and tested with and evaluated by the future end users. We have been trained in how to conduct good, thorough end user research by a former director at Dutch market research firm TNS-NIPO.

But who gets to build the app? NewTeam is highly experienced in preparing, attending and presiding tender procedures. No tender is too complex for us.

Graphic design

A lot of apps all look the same. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but to make a really successful app, you can’t just copy an existing one. We use our knowledge and experience to help our clients make well-advised decisions, particularly if innovative graphic design is a desired aspect. We help them to select a worthy design company. If we don’t see anything we like, we’ll put our own in-house graphic designer on it to shake things up a bit.

But not only graphic design is important; it’s also important to think about the interaction between the app and its users. How will they work together? We will support you in answering that question too.


After that, the actual app building can get started. What technical solutions will we opt for? Which programming language is best suited? What types of database can best handle the data? Can the servers handle the data traffic during peak hours? How can we keep the cost in check?

NewTeam employees have been involved with the design of sites with over a million users!

Should we do it all in one go, or should we opt for a step-by-step development, closely involving the end user at every step, allowing us to respond quickly to new insights? How good is good enough? We offer answers, but we prefer to help our clients find the answers themselves.


When we’ve decided that the first version of the app is ready to be launched, a new chapter begins. Should we just put the app online and that’s it? Do we organise an event? Do we have a press release ready to go? Or would it be best to go live ‘under the radar’ so as not to get too many users at once?


Developing an app is expensive, so it would be a waste if not many people ever end up actually using it. We will help you to form a strategy for promoting the app, making it possible to generate a constant increase in user numbers. One way to go about this is to encourage existing users to promote the app for you — our philosophy in this regard is that “good marketing is free.”

NewTeam helps successful companies and successful management staff to acquire successful apps. Will we be helping you soon?