NewTeam is a young player in the consultancy industry and specialized in answering strategic questions about the world of tomorrow. We are able to do that with our unique expertise in the field of technology, media, communication, entrepreneurship and law. Companies that want to survive need to re-invent themselves and involve the X, Y and Z generations and the technologies and new developments that they bring, when innovating and when taking important decisions.

Manage Move Achieve — NewTeam's Slogan

Forward thinking is our core business, what we breathe and where we feel at home. We believe in disruptive solutions because an advise can never be as good as sublime execution and lasting results. We don’t like words that do not result in action. NewTeam goes beyond advise: we are happy to assist with a proper execution.

At NewTeam we have no divisions: we know each other’s disciplines. Disciplines that do not counteract, but strengthen each other at all times. It’s in our DNA: for large assignments we provide a cross-discipline team, that can respond to the assignment. We do this for 40 of the 100 largest organizations in the Netherlands.

All NewTeam experts work as inspiring and informative speakers and are often requested to comment in the media: we can also provide journalists with information and media appearances within our areas of expertise. We are also advisors shadow of large consultancy, communication and public relations firms, we asked and unasked keep sharp, inspire and educate with knowledge and experience within our fields.